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What's the difference between the patches and tablets?

The iBlush Patch is our best selling non-invasive transdermal patches adored by 1000's across the globe that suffer from alcohol intolerance. Apply 2 patches to a hairless area of your body 30 minutes before drinking

The iBlush Tablet is our NEW high concentrated tablets perfect for severe cases of Alcohol Intolerance. Take 1-2 tablets 30 minutes before drinking.

What’s in these products and how does it work?

Glutathione - aids in neutralising acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism. Individuals with impaired acetaldehyde metabolism, such as those with ALDH2*2 genetic variations, can experience alcohol flush symptoms, and enhancing glutathione levels helps alleviate these effects.

N-Acetyl Cysteine - enhances glutathione production which helps detoxify acetaldehyde, lessening the severity of alcohol flush symptoms, particularly in individuals with impaired acetaldehyde metabolism due to genetic factors like ALDH2*2. 

Green Tea - contains compounds that may enhance acetaldehyde metabolism and boost antioxidant activity, which can help reduce the severity of alcohol flush reactions.

Vitamin B & C complex - support the body's metabolism and detoxification processes. These vitamins can potentially aid in acetaldehyde processing, reduce its toxic effects, and alleviate alcohol flush symptoms.

Alpha-lipoic acid - due to its antioxidant properties, it assists in neutralising acetaldehyde, reducing its toxicity, and alleviating alcohol flush symptoms.

How do you use it?

iBlush Patch - Apply 2x patches to a hairless area of your body 30 minutes before drinking alcohol. Effects last effects last up to 12 hours. Do not remove the patches until you have finished drinking! You can also leave the patches on overnight to reduce hangovers. 

iBlush Tablets - Consume 2x tablets 30 minutes prior to drinking alcohol. Effects last up to 12 hours. 

How much do I need for a night out?

The recommended dosage is to consume 2 tablets OR apply 2 patches 30 minutes prior to drinking alcohol. The effects of iBlush products last up to 12 hours, do not remove the patches until you have finished drinking! You can also leave the patches on overnight to reduce hangovers. 

Are your products safe?

Yes! iBlush products are powered purely with vitamins and antioxidants which are delivered into your bloodstream making it a fast, safe and effective way in assisting your liver to metabolise alcohol.

I'm not Asian. Can this still help me?

Yes! While "Asian glow" is commonly used to describe this condition, Alcohol Flush Reaction isn't limited to Asians. It can affect people of various backgrounds. iBlush offers relief to anyone seeking to minimise the discomfort of alcohol-related flushing.

Should I expect delays when ordering?

With the help of extensive contingency planning, our supply operations have recovered well. At the moment we can deliver all products within the communicated lead times.

What are your shipping and handling fees?

Our shipping and handling fees vary between your location and the products you have purchased. You can find further information regarding fees on our shipping policy page.

For an accurate estimate of shipping charges please proceed through the checkout process, entering in your items and address.  

What information do I need to provide to make an order?

In order to process your order we require the following information:

- Your shipping, order information & billing address.

- Phone number & email address for order confirmation and invoice.

- Payment method – please provide a credit card number to complete your order.

Are your products vegan-friendly?

Our iBlush patches are 100% vegan however our iBlush Tablets contain Lactose, or 'milk sugar' therefore this product is not vegan.

Does iBlush have an expiry date?

iBlush products do have expiry dates which you can find on the back of the package you receive, this will vary depending on the batch. 

Can I use the iBlush patches and tablets at the same time?

Yes, you can! iBlush patches and tablets are made from all-natural antioxidants and vitamins that your body uses to fight the alcohol flush reaction when drinking. You can safely use 2 patches and 2 tablets at the same time to achieve the maximum effect.