What Causes Alcohol Intolerance?

What Causes Alcohol Intolerance?

People who suffer from alcohol intolerance can have immediate, uncomfortable reactions such as facial redness, red itchy skin, increased heart rate, runny nose, and nausea after they consume alcohol. Alcohol intolerance is not that uncommon, as a study found that 7.2% of 948 individuals reported exhibiting signs of alcohol intolerance. [1] One of the most noticeable symptom of this intolerance is the bright, lobster-red face caused by alcohol.  


So, what exactly causes alcohol intolerance and how does alcohol lead to flushing?   For those who have alcohol intolerance, it is likely that they have a faulty version of aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) gene.  ALDH2 is the enzyme that breaks down the by-product of alcohol ingestion, acetaldehyde, which is a toxic substance. When we drink alcohol, the liver gets rid of the ethanol in the drink by first metabolising it into acetaldehyde. Then, for those who can digest alcohol properly, the acetaldehyde quickly breaks down by the ALDH2 enzyme into acetate, which is harmless and easy for the body to eliminate.


Unfortunately for those who have alcohol intolerance, when they drink alcohol, their body accumulates 6 times higher level of acetaldehyde than normal people due to the insufficient ALDH2 enzyme. A high level of acetaldehyde triggers the immune response in which the body increases the overall metabolism in order to eliminate the toxin faster. The flush is caused by the dilation of the capillaries under the surface of the skin as part of the immune response, alongside other symptoms such as the increased heart rate and nausea. The biggest problem with a high level of acetaldehyde is not only that it could lead to all sorts of uncomfortable feelings but also it could raise the risk of esophageal cancer. 


So, is there any solution to avoid the consequences of alcohol intolerance? iBlush Patch is transdermal patches loaded with antioxidants that help to process the toxin acetaldehyde and vitamins that provide liver support so your body doesn’t freak out when you drink alcohol. No more red face and other uncomfortable feelings when drinking alcohol. Get your iBlush Patch today.



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