Cracking the Code on Alcohol Reactions!

Are you ready to unravel the complexities of alcohol reactions with iBlush? This week, let's break down these responses and uncover hidden triggers that could be impacting your enjoyment.

Alcohol Allergy vs. Intolerance: Key Differences

An alcohol allergy triggers an immune system response, often resulting in severe symptoms. In contrast, alcohol intolerance is usually due to a genetic mutation, making it difficult for your body to metabolize alcohol effectively.

Recognizing Alcohol Intolerance Signals

Do you notice facial redness or headaches after raising a glass? Your body could be signaling alcohol flush symptoms. From hot flashes to nausea and low blood pressure to a racing heart, these reactions are often confused with allergies but are signs of alcohol intolerance.

Other Players in the Game: Histamine and Sulfite

Histamine and sulfite intolerances are often overlooked contributors to alcohol reactions. Histamine, found in specific alcohols, and sulfite, a common preservative, can both trigger symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, and congestion.

iBlush: Your Tailored Comfort Solution

For those navigating alcohol intolerance, iBlush is a targeted solution that addresses the root cause: acetaldehyde buildup. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, iBlush helps neutralize toxins, giving you a VIP pass to worry-free celebrations.

Approach 2024 with a Different Vibe

Don't let alcohol intolerance hold you back. With iBlush, confidently navigate gatherings and raise your glass with ease. Let's celebrate 2024 in full swing, flush-free!

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