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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own marketing material to

promote iBlush?

iBlush does a lot of online promotion, including social media ads, influencer marketing and more. Your contribution however is a crucial addition to our mutual success and this is why we are providing our partners with official material they can use in their premises and/or online. 

Any content coming from them is accepted as long as it does not infringe our company values and/or misrepresents our company in any way.

How does pricing work?

While we recommend to sell at the RRP provided by iBlush, partners are free to sell in physical stores at
whatever price they can afford. 

To ensure brand integrity, any online resale below our advertised prices is not allowed. For any bulk order, inquire now to get a personalised quote based on your needs.

How much time should I expect for the

delivery of a supply batch?

Our internal structure allows us to withstand high orders without having to worry about stock outages. Please

refer to the lead times provided in our conversations for specific orders.

What are your shipping & handling


Our handling charge is a flat $20 charge. Shipping charges vary based on your location and the products you have purchased. For an accurate estimate of shipping charges please proceed through the checkout process, entering in your items and address.