Patches vs. Tablets: Which iBlush Product Is Right for You?

Curious about the difference between iBlush patches and tablets? We're here to give you the lowdown on our most frequently asked question!

iBlush Patch - Your Stick-On Solution
Meet the star of the show: the iBlush Patch! Non-invasive and easy to use, it's a favorite for thousands worldwide. Apply two patches to a hairless area 30 minutes before drinking, and you're ready for a flush-free celebration.

iBlush Tablet - Elevated Protection
Introducing the newest addition to the iBlush family: the iBlush Tablet! Designed for those seeking robust protection from alcohol intolerance, these high-concentration tablets offer a reliable way to enjoy a night out. Take 1-2 tablets 30 minutes before drinking for flush-free confidence, perfect for those with severe alcohol flush reaction.

Find Your Perfect Match
Whether you choose the convenience of patches or the potency of tablets, both are ready to ensure a legendary, flush-free celebration. Visit our website to pick your favourite and kick off the festivities with confidence!

Cheers to a confident, flush-free you!

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